ENONO is a board game that is using colorful tiles to recreate images in a grid. It is a Tangram style of a game. It is a casual mostly solo game.

Created on June 1st 2024 by Miltos Despoudis.


Pick a pattern and try to recreate it by using all the tiles availiable. Remember that you need
to place all tiles even the blue ones inside the board.


P1 “Square” ✦✧✧
P2 “Spiral” ✦✦✦
P3 “100” ✦✧✧
P4 “Scull” ✦✦✧
P5 “69 by Luka” ✦✧✧
P6 “Note by Luka” ✦✦✧
P7 “Helmet” ✦✦✦
P8 “Kangaroo” ✦✦✧
P9 “Alpha” ✦✦✧
P10 “Beta” ✦✦✧
P11 “Papers” ✦✦✧
P12 “Uzi” ✦✦✧
P13 “Paint Gun” ✦✦✧
P14 “Jar” ✦✦✧
P15″Ladder” ✧✧✧
P16″Bunny by Luka” ✧✧✧
P17 “C by Luka” ✧✧✧
P18 “D by Luka” ✧✧✧
P19 “E by Luka” ✧✧✧
P20 “E by Luka” ✧✧✧
P21 “G by Luka” ✧✧✧
P22 “H by Luka” ✧✧✧
P23 “I by Luka” ✧✧✧
P24 “J by Luka” ✧✧✧
P25 “K by Luka” ✧✧✧
P26 “L by Luka” ✧✧✧
P27 “U by Luka” ✧✧✧
P28 “The Gap” ✦✧✧ v3
P29 “Tree Table” ✦✦✧ v3
P30 “Diagonal” ✦✦✦ v3